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Accepted Paper:

Sex, Intimacy and AI - A Way Beyond to Cyberspace and New Sexual Desires  
Satyabrata Sahoo (IGNOU)

Paper short abstract:

In this modernized world, sexual pleasure is becoming one of the important needs. With gender related laws limits our species exploitation, AI paved a new way to imitate, simulate our sexual needs and redefine us. Here, I attempt to shed light on how AI transforms our sexual life.

Paper long abstract:

What happens when our hypothalamus part of the brain, evolved for eons, suddenly hits the 21st-century world? Imagine an Intelligence that hits our psychological perspective of exploring friends and gossip with friends, match-making or making love intimately. After innovating our technologies to nullify Turing Test, Is not it a new social movement in form of AI? The Anthromophization of Machines/Robots, The Psycho-synchronization of AI paved a new way to live a new sexual life. The sex robots which simulate a human feeling of intimacy is also providing a feeling of biological intimacy, too! The technologies of Sextech, Femtech, Lioness, Realdolls is really proving the pleasure of sex. Is the machine evolving itself to provide the best sexual pleasure? Are these machines help us to establish Healthy Sexual Expression, education, knowledge about social contact and improve our physical relationships? The AI's in social media- does it really enable us to understand our sexuality and sexual desires! Will it be a Cognitive Overload or a Subliminal Overload for both humans and AI? This will make us understand our society and sexual life in a new perspective to our primitive speculations and thoughts.

The movies like "Ex Machina" and Games like Nintendo's "LovePlus" or Quantic Dreams' "Detroit- Became Human" Give us a Visualization of How the world Act like with manly conscious humanoid! Will it become an Experience or a simulation; which I tried to understand through Digital-Techno Ethnographic study.

Panel P29
Human/Machine Dynamics
  Session 1 Wednesday 8 June, 2022, -