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Roundtable participant: Olivier Hymas  
Olivier Hymas (University of Lausanne - UNIL)

Short bio:

Olivier HYMAS - Conservation practitioner / researcher, trained in Biology and Anthropology. Specialising on long-term impacts of industries and conservation NGOs on rural communities and their environment, especially in Africa, which has meant that he works, and collaborates, across many disciples including history and economics and many sectors including businesses, governments, universities and local communites. His latest paper on pandemics and the creation of national parks worldwide brought together colonial histories, ecology, epidemiology and anthropology.

Additional details:

He has decades of experience in working and living with indigenous and local communities in tropical forest of Africa including spending years with the Babongo of Gabon. Currently, he lives on a common in France and is actively defending the French commons against a law that proposes to dismantle these ancient ways of sustainable land management by linking them to the 2030 Sustainable development targets especially their role as Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures as defined by the

2010 CBD Aichi principles.

Roundtable R012
Jumping out of our Silo - Understanding each other's limits when working in cross-disciplinary projects that involve conservation, Indigenous Peoples and businesses.