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Roundtable participant: Liza Zogib  
Liza Zogib (DiversEarth)

Short bio:

Liza ZOGIB - is founder and co-creator of DiversEarth, an NGO working at the special interface of nature, culture and spirituality. As well as working to support indigenous, spiritual and rural communities and their cultural practices that protect and care for nature, DiversEarth also focuses on the protection, management and restoration of sacred natural sites and facilitating interreligious dialogue.

Additional details:

Liza has extensive experience with social, cultural and human rights issues in conservation. She is Chair of the IUCN Specialist Group on Religions, Spirituality, Environmental Conservation and Climate Justice

(ReSpECC) and member of the Religions and Conservation Biology working group of the Society for Conservation Biology.

Roundtable R012
Jumping out of our Silo - Understanding each other's limits when working in cross-disciplinary projects that involve conservation, Indigenous Peoples and businesses.