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Roundtable participant: Sugoto Roy  
Sugoto Roy (IUCN)

Short bio:

Sugoto ROY - studied ecology and wildlife management at Imperial College. His PhD, from Bristol University, looked at the impacts and management of the invasive small Indian mongose. Since 1995 he has worked in government departments, NGOs and IGOs and universities for significant periods of time, mainly working in wildlife management and research, specialising in the ecology and management of carnivores, invasive species and human wildlife conflicts. He has worked on projects in the UK, The UK overseas territories, Japan and the Indian Ocean.

Additional details:

Sugoto current works at IUCN to manage a tiger conservation programme aimed at conserving significant tiger populations. The portfolio currently has 12 projects across 6 countries and operates at the interface between species conservation, habitat restoration and working with local communities.

Roundtable R012
Jumping out of our Silo - Understanding each other's limits when working in cross-disciplinary projects that involve conservation, Indigenous Peoples and businesses.