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Accepted Paper:

Conservation of Forest Resources: Traditional Practice of using Forest Resources for a Sustainable Livelihood Among the Konyak Naga of Nagaland .  
Amo Konyak B (North Eastern Hill University)

Paper short abstract:

The Konyak Naga tribe have an inextricable link with the forest and it's resources as it provides them with all the necessary resources. And it becomes an important source of income and livelihood. This has resulted to a well structured traditional practice of using the those resources efficiently.

Paper long abstract:


As per the title indicates, the present work is an attempt to analyse and understand the conservation of forest resources and the traditional practice of using forest resources for a sustainable livelihood among the Konyak Naga of Nagaland. The various art and craft found among the tribe are a source of economy where the raw materials used are usually gathered from the forest. The old traditional practice of tattooing different parts of bodies, the raw materials were used from the forest resources. In the recent years many changes have taken place in the social and cultural front that resulted in giving up most of the many traditional practices such as animism, tattooing, etc.,. In spite of such changes, some traditional practices survived like the traditional practice with regard to forest conservation and has been passed down from generations to generations. The problem is thus to understand how the traditional practice with regard to forest conservation and its resources has its place among the Konyak Naga tribe. The goal is to understand the paradigm of such practice by applying the method of observation and interview and also by supplementing with secondary sources and case study. The result of this study is the discovery of its importance in relation to the identity of the Konyak Naga tribe of Nagaland. By studying the practice and tampering with anthropological perspectives, one’s own understanding can be enriched in the understanding of Konyak Naga culture.

Key Words: Konyak Naga tribe, Forest resources, Conservation, Tradition, Culture.

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The landscape turn in conservation: non-western perspectives and anthropological insights