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Roundtable Participant Rebecca Friedel  
Rebecca Friedel (Heritage Education Network Belize)

Short bio:

Rebecca Friedel has been conducting ecological anthropology in and working with the communities of Western Cayo since 2013. She is passionate about community outreach, having established two sister organizations focused on this: Fajina Archaeology Outreach and Heritage Education Network Belize.

Additional details:

Friedel has conducted various activities within Western Cayo since 2013. Ethnographic work with Western Cayo community members in 2014 solidified an observable connection between the archaeological research being done by foreign institutions and researchers within the area and local community economic and social structures. Outreach efforts have been made by Fajina Archaeology Outreach, Heritage Education Network Belize, and many local collaborators to better communicate with and include local communities in heritage- and culture-related research. This includes book donation drives, creating and distributing tri-lingual children's books, organizing and hosting annual archaeology and culture fairs, fostering interest in heritage- and culture-related content through social media, and various other initiatives.

Roundtable R004
Changes in Access to the Environment and Maya Identity: Collaborative Approaches to Conserving Cultural Landscapes on the Belize/Guatemala border