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Accepted Paper:

Effects on the Kichwa territoriality of San Martín, Peru: reflections on the tension between the logics of environmental conservation and the recognition of indigenous territories in the Peruvian Ama  


Miguel Valderrama Zevallos

Paper short abstract:

State conservation practices in relation to the role of local population and their demands for recognition of traditional indigenous territories.

Paper long abstract:

It is proposed to analyze the forms of state management in updating the Master Plan of the Regional Conservation Area "Cordillera Escalera" that involves indigenous Kichwa populations. The analysis will account for the meaning of certain state practices in relation to the role of the population in the definition and future of this area, in a regional context in which the public agenda is marked by the emergence of demands for recognition of traditional indigenous territories. How are the main demands of the population configured by the regional government officials in the preparation of the Master Plan for the Regional Conservation area and what expressions do they reach? What effect does the state generate on the participation of the Kichwa population in decision-making and recognition of their territories? These will be some questions that we propose to address.

Panel P051
"Our children will know the forest." Indigenous Peoples' resistance and proposals to replace exclusionary conservation in Peru