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Accepted Paper:

The Biocultural use of the Territory  


Luis Romero Rengifo

Paper short abstract:

Kichwa strategies for caring for nature and the possibilities of learning from ancestral knowledge for a healthy life and sufficiency for living well.

Paper long abstract:

The Kichwa in the San Martín region have developed their own strategies for caring for nature in their breeding spaces: farm, forest, water and the community; and in it the wide diversity of cultural practices have been circumscribed based on their traditional knowledge, which have conserved the diversity of native crops and their varieties; as well as their ways of providing fertility to soils. In the care of the forest and fallows, there is a regeneration process co-managed from their own knowledge and complemented with natural regeneration, taking into account the ethical cultural care for the breeding and managing of the forest in tune with climate change. In the same way, they have maintained a filial relationship with the yacu mother, taking care of water springs or puquios, such as streams and rivers, with their breeding: fish, churos, yucras, apashuras, among others. Everything this uni-biocultural diversity in the indigenous territories that the populations in the Amazon occupy, has made possible the sharing of their knowledge and the benefits they offer us for a healthy life and in sufficiency for living well.

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"Our children will know the forest." Indigenous Peoples' resistance and proposals to replace exclusionary conservation in Peru