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Accepted Paper:

The System of Care, Conservation and use of Goodness by the Wampis Nation  


Shapiom Noningo Sesen

Paper short abstract:

Wampis’ principles of care and conservation of territories and forests: challenging western logic of domination and destruction of nature, as well as to conservationist western approaches.

Paper long abstract:

The Wampis Nation exercises its right to self-determination in a territory of 1,327,760 hectares in the regions of Amazonas and Loreto in Peru, with 85 communities between the Kanus (Santiago) and Kankaim (Morona) rivers. We Wampis follow five principles of care and conservation of territories and forests. These principles oppose to the Western logic of domination and destruction of nature. They also rescue the essence of coexistence with nature by being part of it and not from a western conservationist sense of a "caretaker man" of objects. In addition, they value humans and nature in a symbiotic, convergent and egalitarian way. And they propose the integrality of nature, including human beings. For us nature is a perfect balance, everyone needs everyone including humans. That is why the Wampis nation have been becoming collectively aware of the importance of our ancestral wisdom. We have been highlighting as well the need to build a new Wampis profile for the future, and becoming aware that we can be enemies of our own destiny and to the collectivity, and therefore the need to address the key realm of education. Finally, to achieve the Tarimat Pujut or living well, it is necessary to apply the five basic principles of care and conservation of territories and forests.

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"Our children will know the forest." Indigenous Peoples' resistance and proposals to replace exclusionary conservation in Peru