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Accepted paper:

Images (with)in Movements: Material Registries of Hooded Bodies in 2018 Chilean Feminist Manifestations


Pedro Moscoso-Flores (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)

Paper short abstract:

We seek to present an analysis of material expressions regarding hooded bodies arisen during 2018 chilena feminist movement, regarding identity struggles around sensitive- affective elements of these bodies within images with a political potency around assemblies that entail the human and non-human

Paper long abstract:

This proposal seeks to analyze the material expressions of hooded bodies arisen during 2018 feminist movements in Chile, considering two specific dimensions associated to a political problem from a semiotic-material perspective. First, regarding identity struggles in the context of these mobilizations, considering how neoliberal governmental forces seek to delimit these hooded bodies within an intelligibility grid associated with the imposing of a definition of social conflict. Second, in terms of an analysis centered on the sensitive and affective potencies of these hooded bodies from an aesthetic-material perspective, focusing on images arising from the context of these social protests. The latter, in order to view the implications of these bodies understood as assemblies that integrate human and nonhuman materials, defining landscapes of political struggle that become refractory to the semiotization regimes of neoliberal governmental devices.

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