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Accepted Paper:

The Plutopians Contra Slow Violence  


Atsuhide Ito (Solent University)

Paper short abstract:

The inhabitants of the cities and towns with nuclear facilities share similar concerns about the invisible but a slow impact of radiation on their lives. The paper assesses how the plutopians, the inhabitants of atomic cities, perceive their safety and risks, and respond to their situations.

Paper long abstract:

The plutopians, the inhabitants of atomic towns and cities, share similar concerns in regards to their biological rights. As radiation is invisible, living with nuclear facilities tests the limit of knowledge. Consequently, experts measure, interpret and provide data and information about the levels of safety in a plutopia. Since the Chernobyl accident in 1986 and the Fukushima Meltdown in 2011, the discord between pro and anti nuclear positions have been solidified and entrenched. Against this backdrop, the paper documents some of the strategies that a local protest group in Bridgwater, Somerset has taken against a construction of HInkely C new nuclear power station, and assesses how the plutopians are developing strategies to claim ownership over their safety.

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Urban Experiments in Memory and Forgetting