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Accepted Paper:

Introduction to the Panel, and GIS in the study of gambling adoption  


Anthony Pickles (University of East Anglia)

Paper short abstract:

This slot serves as an informal introduction to the ways GIS and ethnography can be integrated, using the adoption of gambling in the Western Pacific in the past 150 years as a case study.

Paper long abstract:

I am no expert in GIS. Geographic Information Systems are (to me, at least) a bewildering complex of software which enables the spatial analysis of data. As a social anthropologist, the primary way my colleagues and I interact with GIS is simply to create maps representing our field sites. In this introduction I describe how this relationship escalated in my own case, and how it has led me to seek out others with similar experiences either coming from ethnography to GIS or vice-versa. The dynamics enabled by combining ethnography and GIS open new possibilities, and pose new challenges to the ethnographic sciences. I make a preliminary sketch of the various configurations made possible suggesting preliminary connections with the upcoming papers in the hope of prompting an ongoing dialogue.

Panel ME07
Ethnography and GIS