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Accepted Paper:

Religious Change in Manila  


Paul-Francois Tremlett (Open University)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper I draw on the work of Deleuze and Latour to contrast two kinds of urban religious space in Manila.

Paper long abstract:

This paper contrasts two kinds of religious space or assemblage in contemporary Manila: I begin with the the church-plaza assemblage with its baroque, Spanish colonial-era architectures of walls and carefully regulated flows of bodies and things. I contrast this with the virtual and physical assemblage of the charismatic El Shaddai movement, and its privileging of hyper-mobility and connectivity. Drawing from Deleuze and Latour I suggest that each of these assemblages forms a pattern, and when these patterns are overlaid, one on top of the other, a kaleidoscope effect is generated which reveals a changing sequence of elements as well as the generation of new ones. Importantly, the changes appear to be the property of the assemblages themselves.

Panel U08
Urban Experiments in Memory and Forgetting