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Accepted Papers:

At the Urban Borderlands: Ethnic Minority Marginalisation in Stockholm, Sweden  


Jonathan Rock Rokem (University of Kent)

Paper Short Abstract:

Mounting global migration and rising Inequalities bring new challenges to the urban borderlands. This paper suggests that we can better define local conditions and needs of marginalised ethnic minorities based on a mixed methods analysis of the urban periphery n Stockholm, Sweden.

Paper long abstract:

This paper addresses one of the fundamental societal transformations of the 21st century; the rapid urbanization of our planet bringing with it new opportunities and challenges. Currently, as a result of mounting global urban migration and rising Inequalities, there are significant debates as to the role of urban citizenship, urban politics and planning as such, in addressing the challenges and needs of immigrants and minorities living in marginal spaces in the urban borderlands of larger cities. This research suggests that via a use of mixed methods there is potential to better define immigrant minority populations local conditions and needs based on interviews and spatial analysis in Stockholm, Sweden. The research evaluates; (1) the nation state role in planning for urban bordering (2) spatial divisions at the city scale, and (3) the role of local community and civil society in, and individual's perception of, these urban bordering processes.

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Urban borderlands at the crossroads of anthropology and geography: spatiality, perceptions and social reproduction in a multiscalar perspective