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Glocalization of Tourism

Arvind Susarla (University of Hyderabad)
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The idea of glocalization casts a spotlight on transformation- in terms of identities, rituals, ecological conditions, and so on. The need for reconciling dualism of internal and external is sought when nationalism, and counter-globalization tendencies have marked their presence in significant ways.

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In contemporary times there is a recognition that places are produced and formed through various forms of agencies. In conceptual terms, the degree to which places are interpreted as territorial or relational may not be resolved apriori and there is also a need to conceptualize multiple dimensions of socio-spatial relations. Put another way, the focus of this panel is on understanding unevenness of glocalization. The processes that govern glocalization at places might vary and this variation explains places being viewed as unique or as a locale. A comparative view of places allows to unfold processes of glocalization, without privileging local or global. The settings for applying these ideas and thoughts is tourism.

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