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An Emerging Focus of Anthropological Demography: Comparing Impacts of Migration on Home Communities

Philip Kreager (somerville college, oxford university)
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Combined qualitative and quantitative methods enable sustained ethnographic research to be integrating with variables and findings of conventional survey programmes in the developing world. Contributors to the panel will draw on ongoing research in Central, South and South East Asia regions.

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Combined qualitative and quantitative methodologies open up the possibility of integrating sustained ethnographic research with variables and findings of conventional survey programmes in the developing world. Two premises are key to this integration: 1. that ethnography is longitudinal and multi-site, involving an interdisciplinary team; and 2. that field studies are followed and complemented by rigorous, randomised local surveys. One outcome of this approach has been to open up comparison of impacts of migration on home communities of departing migrants. Both internal and international migration, and their relation to each other in the communities, are objects of study, placed in the context of evolving family and kin networks, differing local economies, health, and cultural systems. The proposed panel builds on a substantial body of findings developed in the course of research and seminars under the auspices of the Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group, Oxford University. The starting point for this perspective is provided by research over a twenty year period, begun under a Wellcome Trust supported project on population ageing on the main islands in Indonesia, which is now extended to other age groups at further sites and across the archipelago, with the support of the Australian Research Council and the ESRC. The perspective has been explored and further developed in the 2017 workshop, 'The Anthropological Demography of Health', in conjunction with the CEPED, Paris, and the 2019 seminar 'Reproduction Migration in the Asia Pacific', in conjunction with the COMPAS, Oxford. Publication of both meetings is scheduled after the RAI meeting.

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