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Impact of Global Water Crisis in history & present: through the eyes of Art, Anthropology and Sustainability

Pratyaksha Rajawat
Climate Change
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Water as natural resource is essential to human survival & development. Throughout history civilizations have been dependent on it. Thus, the panel would like to invite presentations on impact of Global Water Crises in various fields of art, anthropology, environment conservation & sustainability.

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The proposed panel would aim to raise public awareness on the notion of interdependence and sustainability, essential to the conservation of our environment and to the future of our planet. When water is under threat, so too are all forms of life on Earth. Recognized as a vital life-giving element, water is essential to preserving biodiversity and ecosystems. As a human resource, it is at the center of climate change, a possible subject of conflict leading to cross-border issues with widespread consequences. Moving water, is considered purifying because it is thought to both absorb impurities and take them away. Rivers and oceans have been spectators of human history and even influenced course of events in history all over the world. Cultures and communities have shaped their destinies through river basins, sea beaches, marine routes, ports and have reverently celebrated the 'Sustainer of Life' in myriad ways. The proposed panel will be focusing on depletion of fresh water resources, groundwater, marine pollution, climate change & negative impact on environment. This panel would like to invite research papers & presentations based on Global Water Crises in field of art, anthropology, environment conservation, archeology, photography, art history, education and case studies on water in history of different cultures & geographical areas. The panel discussion would aim to ignite our collective responsibility towards water in our contemporary society and world.

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