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Brexit, Tourism and Travel (Im)mobilities

Constantia Anastasiadou (Edinburgh Napier University)
Tijana Rakic (University of Brighton)
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The outcome of the EU membership referendum in June 2016 in the UK, among a variety of other debates, also marked a starting point for the on-going (re)imagination of tourism and travel (im)mobilities post-Brexit, fuelling research agendas which this panel will explore.

Long abstract:

In addition to sending shockwaves through Europe (Hobolt, 2016), the outcome of the European Union membership referendum in June 2016 in the UK also marked a starting point for the on-going (re)imagination of tourism and travel (im)mobilities post-Brexit. The public discourses relating to post-Brexit travel and tourism ranged from potential travel disruptions, UK-EU border crossing experiences, possible introductions of visas, roaming charges and travel flow changes to second home and other mobilities. These discourses and representations of imagined post-Brexit tourism and travel (im)mobilities also triggered the (re)imagination of both the UK and EU27 as tourism destinations post-Brexit. In addition, the referendum outcome and the uncertainties related to the freedom of movement and rights of residence post-Brexit (Mindus, 2017) contested the sense of home and belonging (Cassidy et al, 2018) for many of the EU27 citizens living in Britain and British citizens living in EU27 with their national, cosmopolitan and/or European identities suddenly becoming (more) significant within not only their sense of home and belonging but also within their travel and tourism experiences. This panel invites conference participants to consider suitable research agendas such as: • home, travel, belonging and (im)mobilities • freedom of movement, (re)bordering and tourism mobilities • performing regional, national, European and/or cosmopolitan identity(ies) in travel and tourism post-referendum • imagining post-EU Britain and/or post-Brexit EU as a tourism and travel destination(s) • Brexit related media discourses and their impact on UK destination image etc

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