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Geo-ethnographic research in the Indian Ocean

Veronika Cummings (University of Mainz)
Franziska Fay (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Veronika Cummings (Mainz University) & Franziska Fay (Frankfurt University)
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This panel focus on the potential and limitations of geo-ethnographic research in the Indian Ocean region. We seek to explore geographers' and anthropologists' methodological use of (visual) research tools like photography or mapping to engage with concepts like mobility, belonging, or identity.

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This panel calls for papers that focus on the potential and limitations of geo-ethnographic research approaches in the Indian Ocean region. We are interested in contributions that are based on geographically located and ethnographically captured data to engage with concepts such as mobility, cosmopolitanism, identity, belonging, translocality, diaspora, religious practices, generation etc. and that reflect on their past, present and possible future-uses in both geography and anthropology. Beyond a focus on regional and theoretical topics, we are especially interested in furthering a methodological discussion between geographers and anthropologists that drives forward the interdisciplinary dialogue between those two fields. This includes exploring creative and untapped possibilities that the use of ethnographic research methods may foster in human geographical research and vice versa. Examples could include the use of visual research tools like photography or drawing to trace translocal networks and routes of mobility, the application of maps and map-making for a deeper understanding of diaspora and belonging, or approaches to engaging with digital social-media platforms and their public visual co-creations to diversify concepts like generation or religion in their contemporary understandings. This panel is intentionally co-convened by a geographer and an anthropologist and thus particularly welcomes paper proposals that offer reflections on the use of a combination of geo-ethnographic research methods in, across and between Indian Ocean societies.

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