Accepted Paper:

The Power of Existence: Instagram as an Representation of Self-Presentation  


Ozan Yavuz (Yildiz Technical University)

Paper short abstract:

Is instagram a second Kodak case? What is the magic of this “reinvented” technique in terms of its impact on the masses beyond it is similarities with Kodak? Is it revealing a passion to a utopian world which demolishes the positivist effects of the photography ?

Paper long abstract:

In this study, I aim to examine, the effects of instagram on photography, representation of self-presentation, popular culture and virtual community with both historical and contemporary senses in addition to these questions in varied contexts. I will explore individual expression, individual existince and the view of mass culture to the art and the straight photograghy by utilizing instagram user's opinions with the help of survey analysis. In this sense, the instagram users of Turkey, who lives in the synthesis of European and Asian cultures, will be my role model. Thus, I will not only compare the instagram and the practice of photography theoretically, but also explore the attitudes of the geographically and culturally defined society.

Panel P26
Anthropology of social networking: growing visuality of digital cultures and meanings conveyed by SNS images