Accepted Paper:

Narrating Berlin  


Insa Langhorst

Paper short abstract:

The paper looks at the way photography can be used as a research method in combination with psychogeography in order to visualise and exemplify the creation of meaning and its connection to memory and narration.

Paper long abstract:

The paper explores how places are created through storytelling. It looks at the potential of the "narrated space" in respect to identity and ideas of "Heimat". Through psychogeographical walks with different participants these questions are unravelled and demonstrate in what way new Berliner citizens create bonds with the space they live in through the stories they internalise.

As an element of the psychogeographical walks conducted, photography serves as a visualisation of how meaning is created in the process of remembering. Images of places and objects open to an infinite number of interpretations take on a new meaning in combination with the memories of participants. The paper shows the interactive and creative potential of photography in the context of research around place, memory and identity.

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Photography as a research method