Accepted Paper:

Teaching anthropology at AS/A2 level  


Tomislav Maric (Bentley Wood High School)
Laura Pountney (Colchester Sixth Form College)

Paper short abstract:

Challenges of teaching anthropology in secondary schools.

Paper long abstract:

This panel explores the challenges and obstacles of introducing and teaching anthropology in secondary school.

There are two presenters who will talk about their own experiences as anthropology teachers and principal examiners from the AQA.

Lack of the resources and text books at A levels are some of the issues surrounding difficulties in introducing anthropology in pre university schools. Also there is a great resistance of schools approving the subject and accepting it as a valid and beneficial subject for both students and school.

The two presenters will talk about benefits of teaching anthropology at A levels for students. Through their own experience of teaching in the last two years and marking exam papers they will explore how far anthropology at a levels have moved on and what is the future for this subject in secondary schools.

Panel P30
Creative and engaging anthropology: teaching young people in schools and communities