Accepted Paper:

Role of education for the prevention and elimination of child labour  


Mahaveer Jain (Initiatives & Interventions)
Suman Pande (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya)

Paper short abstract:

Prevention and elimination of child labour can be dealt only through education. The Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh (India) has shown the way to the whole world how complete eradication of child labour is possible through a hundred percent enrolments of children in school that also increased the socio-economic status of the community.

Paper long abstract:

It is globally accepted that the prevention and elimination of child labour and Human Resource Development through education are directly connected. Providing education means strengthen the human resource & break the vicious cycle of poverty and child labour. In reality there are only a few examples where this approach was taken and was successful. Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh (India) is one of them. The paper highlights the strategies adopted by the Government Officials to make the area Child Labour free by achieving 100 per cent enrolment of all the children below 14 years of age in the educational institutions.

For the study two mandals were selected (i) Mandal with hundred percent enrolments of children in educational institutions; and (ii) Mandal where enrolment rate in educational institutions was still low. The methodology adopted by the researchers was based on collection of primary and secondary data. The study also focused on group discussions, interviews and canvassing of questionnaires.

The result of the study showed that: A clear and simple definition of child labour among policy makers and implementers; success is possible when all those involved in the process of child labour eradication takes personal responsibility; success can be achieved when there is a convergence of the work of various departments with the focused vision of enrolling every child in school; adult labourers benefit by getting three-four times higher wages which resulted improvement in their living standard and high human development indices of the area. The paper will give insights at national and international level to strength the human resource.

Panel P034
Childhood(s) and youth(s) of the future: children as cultural and social resources (Commission on Children, Youth and Childhood)