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Cuba Sentimental


Sachiko Tanuma (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

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Sachi, who lived in Havana for her anthropological study between 2002-2004, sees all her Cuban friends leaving the country to anywhere they can -- Spain, England, Chile, the United States. Visiting them in their new homes, and visiting their relatives and friends still in Cuba, the film explores how Cubans feel about leaving their country, a place that has been known for its utopian dream. Duration: 60 min. Year of Completion: 2010 Location: Cuba, U.K, Spain, U.S, Chile Camera: Sachiko Tanuma Editing: Sachiko Tanuma, Yasuko Ichioka Editing assistant: Leonid López Supervisor in continuity: Yasuko Ichioka Music; Eduardo Martín Language: Japanese, Spanish (English Subtitles) Selected Screenings 8th FIFEQ- The International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec 11th Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival 14th Yufuin Bunka-Kiroku Film Festival (4th Matsukawa Prize) 9th International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2011 11th Muestra Joven ICAIC(Young/New director's Screening, Havana

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New horizon of anthropological films from Japan (Film-screening program)