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Ana botol in West Timor - life in the city and village


Yoshinari Morita

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In Kupang, there is a group of men called “ana botol”. Every day, ana botol spend huge amounts of time for collecting waste materials, which they later exchange for cash. While ana botol bring the large part of their income back to the village, by the time they return to the city, they usually have spent all of their money. How do they use their money? In this project, I hope to reconsider the notion of poverty and its general understanding through my observation about the way these men earn and spend money. Duration:43 minutes Year of Completion: 2012 Location: West Timor (Indonesia) Camera, narration: Yoshinari Morita Editing: Yoshinari Morita, Yasuko Ichioka Language: Japanese, Indonesian, Dawanese (English Subtitle)  Supervisor in continuity: Yasuko Ichioka Selected Screenings 15th Yufuin Bunka-Kiroku Film Festival (5th Matsukawa Prize) 10th International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec 10th Worldfilm--Tartu Festival of Visual Culture, Estonia

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New horizon of anthropological films from Japan (Film-screening program)