Accepted Paper:

Why the Chhetris assert their indigineous status?  


Hayami Yasuno

Paper short abstract:

This paper attempts to clarify why a Chhetri social organization, the Chhetri Samaj Nepal, has chosen to advocate for Chhetris to be classified as Khas Arya Adibasi, as many people of Khas origin have stated that they dislike being addressed as khas.

Paper long abstract:

The Constitution Assembly was dissolved without completing a constitution on 27 May 2012. In the last eleven days, from 17 May to 27 May, the haste and chaos took place outside the Constitution Assembly rather than within it.

The Chhetri Samaj and the Brahman Samaj had taken to the streets demanding the Khas people which were placed in the 'other' category in the inclusion bill be recognized as indigenous communities. The 'other', as per the bill, is not entitled to affirmative actions. The government of Nepal announced on 17 May that it would categorize the Brahman, Chhetri, Thakuri, Dasnami, Sanyasi and Dalits as 'Khas Arya Adibasi'. Members of the Khas Arya Adivasi group could be able to avail themselves of the benefits of the various policies on inclusion.

The Chhetr Samaj is established in 1998 in Pokhara and developed into a national organization, the Chhetri Samaj Nepal, in 2008. Original purpose of the organization is mutual aid at rituals and festivals among the Chhetri people. The organization is transformed to mobilize the people to assert their rights in responding to the Janajati movements.

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Comparative ethnography of 'inclusion' in Nepal: discourses, activities, and life-worlds