Accepted Paper:

Glocalization of consumer culture in the Republic of Tatarstan  


Nadezhda Rychkova (Kazan National Research Technological University)

Paper short abstract:

The report presents the results of the anthropological research of the interactive process of globalization and localization in consumer culture of Tatars and Russians at polyethnic region (with the financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018).

Paper long abstract:

Impact of global consumption by traditional national consumer practices considered by the example of the behavior of consumers in the markets of food, clothing and festive entertainment.

Analysis of the local context of globalization of consumer culture has led to the following results:

1. Erosion of cultural space; 2. The emergence of new forms of global consumer practices; 3. Growing interest of ethnicities in their ethnic culture, the revival of traditional cultural forms and practices.

These results are recognized in the linguistic landscape of the city. The degrees of manifestation of glocalization processes in consumer practices Tatars and Russians are different. Formalization of the results of these processes is not similar too. The degree and forms of consumer practices in glocalization processes of Tatars and Russians are on the axis between opposite poles. First - preservation of their consumer culture and second - openness to new global cultural forms in the sphere of consumption. Russia's WTO membership has increased as the processes of globalization and localization. Research shows how manufacturers and retailers rely on traditional cultures of Tatars and Russians, inscribe it in a global context for strengthening of its own competitive position.

The report is prepared with financial support of Russian Foundation for Humanities, project № 12-01-00018 "Ethno-cultural models of consumer practices: the case of the Republic of Tatarstan".

Panel P115
The perspective of glocalization: addressing the changing society and culture under globalization