Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Improvement of food security act through the establishment of social institution based on local resources  


Nyayu Fatimah (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

Paper Short Abstract:

A study conducted in Indramayu, Indonesia established a "joint responsibility" system among local farmers. This system was proven to increased community welfare significantly.

Paper long abstract:

This study was conducted in Bongas village-Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia, a village which has potential of natural resources but most people were still entangled by poverty. Majority of populations were farmers who do not have agricultural land and only worked as laborer. This research explored the influence of social capital to community welfare. Our result showed that the main problem faced by the farm labor are limited access to wide range of production resources such as land, seeds , fertilizers , insecticides, and funding. Second problem is management of cropping patterns. Third problem relates to marketing of products. To solve these problems, the first step taken was to form groups of farmer. With the establishment of this small community in a form of justified body, we facilitated access to resources needed to control every other aspect. Second step wass to conduct agricultural management assistance, starting from the process of getting a land, loaning funds, purchasing seeds, rice planting, maintenance, harvesting up to marketing. The method established was active participation throughout the entire production cycle. The pattern of accountability applied in this system was "joint responsibility", meaning that responsibilities of the farming system go to all members in each group. Thus all members of the group will work well together and do the same scrutiny. After 2 years/4 harvest time, local income increased significantly. They were able to rent land, support daily life and have the capital for the following year. The level of productivity increased thus affecting the community welfare.

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