Accepted Paper:

Role of agent conveying Japanese pop culture  


Miu Yin Ha (The University of Hong Kong)

Paper short abstract:

This panel aims to study the role of agent that bought Japanese pop culture to the local society through years. Different cases will be discussed about the importance and development of agent in an autobiographical approach.

Paper long abstract:

It was our golden memories when we think of ourselves becoming a fan of Japan artists. The perfect image of the Japanese artists were highly promoted in the scene, and affecting the production and consumption of popular culture in Japan and overseas. Magazines with the Japanese idol on the cover page and feature story, the entertainment magazines established and got successful sales in the market.

How's the contribution of 'agent' or mediator in entertainment industry and media business that possibly influence the pop scene? What aspects of pop scene did the 'agents' introduce the Japanese idol and youth culture to the society? What was the mechanism behind the scene and to what extent did the imported Japanese culture in local magazines; pop music and comics influence the youth generation?

A central theme of this panel is to investigate the role of "Agents" who act as the mediator and how they imported the Japanese culture to the local entertainment industry and media business and their change of role.

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