Accepted paper:

Some aspects of hunting tour in guided hunts: a case study of Ezo Deer hunting in Nishiokoppe special hunting area in Hokkaido, Japan


Yoshinori Tojo ( The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)

Paper short abstract:

This paper focuses on aspect about hunts with guide in Hokkaido, Japan. Based on field data, hunting tour in guided hunts has characteristic influenced by weather condition and skill of shooting.

Paper long abstract:

This paper discusses hunts with guide in Hokkaido, Japan. Nishiokoppe special hunting area has accepted guest hunters and provided guided hunts to them. Guest hunters usually stay at the hotel in the area and practices hunting with guide hunters for a few days. Ezo deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis) is the main game of the hunting tour. The program of the guided hunts has shooting and disorganizing deers and bagging meats of deers. The success of the hunting depends on how guest hunters could enjoy hunting practice. Weather condition on the very day of hunting practice, a kind of guns and guest hunters' skill of shooting are very important to it. For example, the difference of shot range between shotgun and rifle has an effect on the way of accessing to games and its distance. Suggestions from the guide have also an important role to guest hunters for removing the influence by weather condition, behavior of the game or guest hunters' skill of shooting and ensuring security during the hunting. Baced on field data, this paper reports that hunts with guide have some future in Japan.

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Hunting, animal welfare, and defence against wildlife attack (NME panel)