Accepted Paper:

Medicinal herbs and modern medicine in Indonesia  


Rusmin Tumanggor (Faculty of Pedagogy The Atae of Islamic University Sarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Indonesia)

Paper short abstract:

The country of Indonesia has more of some basic floras for medicinal herbs. But, Indonesia is far remained to use the above basic flora to be integrated in modern medicine.

Paper long abstract:

This paper will discuss the abundant condition of medicinal plants, as the basic of medicinal herbs or "Jamu". The knowledge potency of "jamu" in Indonesia is just started, of which its health ministry until 2013 has trained of five periods of 200 of doctors about research related to what kind of "jamu" can and have been used to cure sufferer patients in a certain disease. The delay of using "jamu" as a traditional remedy in modern medicine, are faced by its obstacle as follows: the variety of basic knowledge of four hundreds and fourty ethnic groups in Indonesia is only 15 % which have been used in scientific way. Also Indonesia is faced by mindsets condition of some medical doctors that do not have their capability to use jamu and do not have yet their will to integrate "jamu" in modern medicine.

Panel P033
Medical anthropology into the future: aspirations and challenges (Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology)