Accepted Paper:

Relationships between pastoral community and agriculturalists in Rajasthan, India  


Hidetoshi Miyazaki

Paper short abstract:

We conducted a survey to clarify the co-relationship between pastoral community and agriculturalists through resource use in Rajasthan, India. As a result, we suspect that there is a possibility for improvement to solve the difficulty of seasonal migration.

Paper long abstract:

Purpose of this presentation is to clarify co-relationship between pastoral community and agriculturalists through resource use and to solve difficulty of seasonal migration.

In Rajasthan, agricultural lands were increased in contrast fallow lands and forest areas were decreased because of population growth. Population growth also results in agricultural land segmentation.

Pastoral community has based on a seasonal migration to search forage and water during the dry season. Their animals were grazed in area owned by the government and agriculturalists. However it is difficult to migrate because of conflict against lands and water between pastoral community and agriculturalists.

Agriculturalists apply manure in agricultural lands to increase production. However, they could not get enough manure because of small number of animals. Thus, some agriculturalists co-relate with migrating pastoral community to supply animal dung and urine in their agricultural lands.

Research was conducted in 2013 in two villages located in Rajasthan, India. One is the pastoral community settled. Another is one of the villages which pastoral community camped in seasonal migration. The author interviewed about resource management and their relationships including rule of resource use and contract.

Results revealed several key findings 1) pastoral community camped in at some agricultural land owned different agriculturalists within the village, 2) staying period depends on forest resource around camp therefore there are some agricultural lands did not gain enough animal dung and urine.

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Development and pastoralists (Commission on Nomadic Peoples/NME panel)