Accepted Paper:

Kantian peace model: aligning league of democracies and its relevance in the 21st century  


Bhanu Pratap (University of Lucknow)

Paper short abstract:

The paper tends to focus on the relevance of the Kantian peace Model in the present era and how it can be related to the post-modern concepts of state building and responsibility to protect.

Paper long abstract:

Immanuel Kant's hypothetical Perpetual peace Model was always construed as a Utopian idea, but in the 21st century it has been given a new lease of life through the nascent concept of Responsibility To Protect. Kant's idea of setting up of a liberal world composing of Democratic Nations is now being investigated by Peace and Conflict Management theorists and strategists alike. The idea has come into vogue ever since the International Community has failed to deal with Fail / Weak states. The paper will argue that Kant's Ideas read along with State Building and responsibility To protect provides an alternative to Peace Management. Section I will deal with the Concept of Kant's peace model. Section II will explore the concept of Responsibility to protect and its relationship with kantian Peace Model . section III deals with the problem of Fail/weak states. Section IV will conclude that State building and Responsibility to Protect read with Kant's ideas are the Panacea for conflict resolution.

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Peace and conflict management in the 21st century: building a new world order