Accepted Paper:

Comparative research on development of ramen enterprises in China  


Ming Chen (Guangzhou Hua xia Technical College)

Paper short abstract:

Though ramen are main product of both restaurant, Japanese AJISEN Ramen Enterprise and Chinese LANZHOU Ramen (Moslem family restaurant) are very different developing way in China.

Paper long abstract:

Comparing with different development of Ramen Enterprises in China, the paper discovers that is very different developing way of AJISEN Ramen Enterprise and Chinese LANZHOU Ramen(Moslem family restaurant). Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited ´╝łstockcode: 0538) is one of China's largest fast casual food restaurant chainoperators and the sole franchisee of Japan's Ajisen branded restaurant on the mainland and in Hong Kong. After more than a decade of rapid growth, Ajisen (China) is today a major enterprise with more than 10,000 employees, and over 600 stores across 120 major cities. Building on their strength in areas such as brand positioning,product range, customer service and superior dining environment.Therefore fast development of Ajisen Ramen gain much advantage form Chinese Opening Policy.While LANZHOU Ramen (Moslem) consist of many ten thousand restaurants, most of them who come form Qinghai Hualong are Moslem family restaurant.Their development have greatly changed the survival status of the ethnic minority immigrants on migrant and business people in the urbanization process of china.They received great benefit form Chinese Reform Policy.

Panel P105
Enterprise development and traditional society and culture (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)