Accepted Paper:

The Onge and their material culture: a call for preservation  


Palash Coomar (Office of the Registrar General)

Paper short abstract:

The Onge prepare their day-to-day useful things from the local forest produces.These forest produces are becoming rare to them.

Paper long abstract:

The Onge are the hunting gathering tribe of Andaman Island. This Negrito group of people extensively use their local forest to prepare their houses as well as different hunting weapons gathering buskets and various other day to day material. They even collect poison from the local forest to hunt fishes in the sea.

Due to massive deforestation the Onge have lost their local forest.They adapted themselves to other synthetic products like nylon and plastics but they are not happy with this present situation.

Central Govt. has tried to replace their local produces as far as possible but it has not touched their heart yet. The paper dealt with this complex scenario and peep into the need of conservation of forest.

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Anthropology and conservation: inter-relationship and future perspective