Accepted Paper:

Implementation of homogeneity culture: adaptation by local employees in Hong Kong and China  


Yi Zhu (Kyushu University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper examines how local store managers adapt variously to the homogeneity organizational culture of a Japanese retailer, Uniqlo in Hong Kong and China.

Paper long abstract:

When the company enters into the overseas market, it is crucial to determine to what degree the company adapts to the local differences. The Japanese fashion retailer, Uniqlo has aggressively expanded its business into overseas markets without neglecting the implementation of its homogeneity organizational culture which has been largely characterized by its emphasis of "Japaneseness". This paper concludes that local store managers in Hong Kong and China variously adapt to the company's homogeneity organizational culture based on their own personal traits, career goals and the interpretation of corporate ideology. This paper contributes to understand the dynamics of local adaptation in the process of global homogenization within the modern business organizations and to suggest the importance of the anthropological research in the field of company study.

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Migration of culture across organizations and communities