Accepted paper:

WCAA: from idea to practice


Michal Buchowski (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Paper short abstract:

The paper represents the current chair of the WCAA on its current shape and future. The WCAA has grown from a tiny body to a worldwide organization of associations. How does it realise its main objectives? What is the future of the Council, especially in view of the re-emergence of IUAES?

Paper long abstract:

The WCAA emerged as an initiative of a small group of people concerned with the inequalities in anthropological knowledge production and consumption. The issue proved burning and today the association represents an extensive network of international, regional and national associations. In the first part of the paper, testimony to the organization's activities against its constitutional aims is given. These goals are: a) fostering a diversity of knowledge on common anthropological concerns, b) exchange and dissemination of multi-lingual knowledge and information, c) formation of a postgraduate students network, d) endorsement of the disciplines' presence in public debates and in education, as well as its role in political advocacy, e) attending to professional concerns, such as academic freedom and ethical issues. In the second part, the structure of the WCAA is analyzed with respect to its efficiency. Finally, the main tasks for the future are outlined in the context of WCAA's relationship with IUAES.

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The past and future of the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA Tenth Anniversary Symposium) CLOSED