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has pdf download The food culture of the Siberian peoples: a reference model  


Carla Corradi Musi (University of Bologna-Italy)

Paper short abstract:

The food culture of the Siberian peoples is explainable through their shamanism, giving animated "force" to every natural being, including food and beverages, consumed respectfully, in a perspective of sustainable energy. Their conscious and genuine nutrition is a useful reference model today.

Paper long abstract:

The food culture of the Siberian peoples is explainable in the light of their original shamanic system of beliefs. According to this world view, every natural being possesses an animated "force" or energy, which is the so-called invisible "double", subject to repeated metamorphoses. Even food and drink have in them a "soul", which arouses respect and attention. As genuine products of nature, they are considered sacred. For this reason they are offered ritually to the gods in ceremonies which help man, aware of his energetic nature, to maintain his commitment to nature, namely of respecting its energies.

Living in industrialized societies, man, even in his eating habits, underestimates both the importance of nature's energy and his own energetic potential, which becomes weak through repetitive daily routine. He needs to strengthen consciously and pleasantly his own energies and health through a healthy and correct organic nutrition, respecting the resources of nature.

In societies of shamanic culture, man, not considering himself superior to other beings of the "animated" cosmos, has respect for plants, animals, food, and so on, and considers them as equivalent to himself. His conception of history as an expression of the continuous flow of the original culture in constant renewal leads him to think of future generations. His vision of the world is that of a unique collective energy, which induces him to live in a perspective of sustainability. Today his food culture can be a valid reference model.

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