Accepted Paper:

Crossing the bridge between tradition and modernity: the changing trends. A case-study of Lucknow city, Uttar Pradesh, India  


Sarika Shukla (I.T.P.G.College, Lucknow University)
Ira Shukla (VIT University)

Paper short abstract:

LPG policy introduced in the 1990's ushered in an era of modernisation. This wave transformed not only our economy but also our thoughts and beliefs. Women's education and her entry into the professional world ensured her growth and liberalisation. Present alpha male tries to encourage her success.

Paper long abstract:

"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult", Melinda Gates. These words hold true for the female species all over the world and particularly so in India. The journey from purdah to corporate suits, from the kitchen to the boardroom has been arduous and long indeed. Though goal had been hard, it has been achieved.

The women of today are no longer struggling caterpillars. They have metamorphosed into magnificent butterflies who are ready to conquer the world. Be it the corporate or the academic world-the men count her in as a strong competitor and a stronger friend. However, the success has come at some cost. Breaking the barriers and meeting the high expectations of being the avatar of traditional values while also being a working women has come with its own set of challenges. Stress, nuclear families, failing relationships haunt her.Gender inequality in the subconscious of the average Indian stalks her. Still, the good part is that their spouses are increasingly taking pride in their successes and helping them achieve greater heights.The alpha male seems to be increasingly ready to accept and adjust to the greater role his wife has in the society.

But is this enough? Is the initial struggle justified? Do the norms of society support her or do they still make her fight the same battle everyday?

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Gender inequality: victimization of women in global context in tradition and modernity