Accepted Paper:

Tourism and development of indigenous communities: retrospecting Tharus of India  


Anupama Srivastava (Lucknow University)

Paper short abstract:

The Tharu community has been exposed to the surrounding urban areas and the schemes of the government which has impacted their life. The present study is an attempt to explore the impacts of development on the society and to understand how far tourism has been or not been the reason for these.

Paper long abstract:

According to the peak global tourism industry organization, World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), tourism is now the world's largest industry in terms of economic output, capital investment, taxation contribution and employment; and tourism has also become an integral part of indigenous communities.Over the last decade many changes have occurred in Tharu community. The old traditional ways have undergone major transformations. On the other hand U.P. tourism and the forest department have joined hands to promote Dudhwa National Park for tourism, and also for the development of the Tharu tribe living in the forest area. The tourist inflow to this area has also increased.This has resulted into a growing interaction between the tharus and the visitors.

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Indigenous people and culture in India