Accepted Paper:

Women as mining workers: challenges between scientific professionalism and innate femininity  


Restu Juniah (Faculty of Engineering Sriwijaya University)
Syaifudin Zakir (Sriwijaya University)

Paper short abstract:

High tension between professionalism work and domestic role of femininity for some good education attainment of Indonesian women still run until now. Once the women choice the professional work as mining workers, they should make a good consideration.

Paper long abstract:

In general, female workers will be faced with a dilemma situation between scientific professionalism and the inherent femininity that innate to them. Likewise, women who work in the mining sector will be faced with the same thing. Especially when considering the mining industry or the world of work is identical with men and laden with things related to heavy equipment used for mining activities, and the full time working hours by 3 shifts work. This condition become a big challenge for women as mining workers or women who work in the mining sector. Views or perceptions and strategies undertaken by the women as mining workers to meet the challenges between professionalism as a miner and natural femininity attached to them is being discuss of this study. The findings considerably can be recommended to women who will work in the mining sector, mining industry and other related venues. Studies show tension between the demands of being a miner and as a woman who can not break away from the existing natural.

Panel P001
Impact of education on women's status and daily life in the Middle East and Asia (Commission on Anthropology of the Middle East/Commission on the Anthropology of Women)