Accepted paper:

Looking at the WCAA: challenges for the next ten years


Francine Saillant (Laval University)

Paper short abstract:

Three challenges for the future of the WCAA are discussed. 1-Transformation of the linguistinc structure, from a monolingual to plurilingual ; 2-The representation of minorities within the national organization who jointed the WCAA. 3-The epistemological locus of our polytheoretical organization.

Paper long abstract:

After ten years of an incredible work done by the members of WCAA, we have seen a series of phenomenon and developments, thought impossible before the foundation of this challenging organization. For the first time, the foundation of an organization located in different places of production of anthropological knowledge was positively received by different partners of the world, mainly by the national association of anthropologists and by the large and powerfull AAA. The progress is obvious and many national associations decided to join the WCAA, especially for the visibility of their members and their intellectual traditions, for the non hegemonic approach, and for debates on anthropological matters. Nonetheless, challenges are numerous. I would like to discuss three of them: 1- Should WCAA transform its linguistic structure from an English dominant one toward a multilingual one? 2- How the plural structure of societies represented by the national associations can be reflected in the WCAA ? 3 - What should be done concerning the epistemological locus of our polytheoretical organization?

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The past and future of the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA Tenth Anniversary Symposium) CLOSED