Accepted Paper:

Craft-based indigenous communities in South India: their struggle for identity and survival  


Chellaperumal Audimoolam (Pondicherry University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper analyses how contemporary forces such as globalization, privatization etc have deeply affected the ways of life, livelihood and identity of the indigenous communities in South India which are based on crafts for their survival.

Paper long abstract:

Contemporary forces sch as globalization, privatization and liberalization has deeply affected the life, livelihood and identity of the communities worldwide. Quite a few studies have been made on the impact on agriculture, fishing,forestry etc., in relation to those communities involved in those pursuits. However not many studies have been carried out to assess the impact of these forces on the traditional crafts and artisan communities. This paper tries to explore the major cosequences of the recent forces on some of the artisan communities in Tamil Nadu, outh India namely, the Thatchar, the Velar, the Saurashtra, the Shanar, the Asari, the Korawar, the Todas, and the Kotas on their crafts. This paper discusses the changes in the socio-economic systems of indigenous peoples that have resulted from the transition to a market economy.It also analyses their folklore,division of labour and associated life styles in relation to their crafts with special reference to the gender among them.

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Indigenous people and their culture: struggle for identity and survival?