Accepted Paper:

Changing scenario of women's empowerment and political awareness among the Gond tribe  


Dr Bhawna (L.b.s P.g College,mugalsarai.)

Paper short abstract:

We are on the threshold of the 21st century; India has witnessed a drastic change in women’s empowerment. However Indian women have to go a long way in attaining gender equality and justice. For the survival of democratic policies, the participation and political awareness of women is essential.

Paper long abstract:

The present paper deals with the political awareness among Gond women as it lead the way to women's empowerment. There are many studies on cultural, social and economic fields but the political awareness among Gond tribal women is not included in most of the studies. For this purpose, I have selected 100 Gond women from Mandla District (M.P) and 10 Gond women for case study.


To determine -

1. The level of political participation in Panchayat, State Assembly and Parliament.

2. The influence of personal, social and economic factors.

3. Women empowerment through political awareness and participation.

4. The impact of 73rd Indian Constitution amendment.

The paper comes up with important suggestions for the women empowerment that political parties should motivate, educate and mobilize the Gond women to participate in Panchayat Raj, State Assembly and Parliament and make them aware of their responsibilities towards nation as they actively participated in Chutka movement.

If Gond women come out of their shell to participate in politics and share the power, they will have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts in order to be recognized and make their presence felt.

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Women's empowerment, development and quality of life