Accepted Paper:

Women's empowerment through human resource management  


Diwakar Singh Rajput (Dr H S Gour Central University India)

Paper short abstract:

Keywords: Women's Empowerment, Human Resource, Education, Vocational Training, Human Rights, Social Awareness, Rural and Tribal Livelihood, Women Entrepreneurship, Community Development through Polytechnic (CDTP), Self Help Group (SHG), Sustainable Rural Development

Paper long abstract:

The present study has been undertaken to find out the relationship between Entrepreneurship, Vocational Training, Women's Empowerment and Sustainable Rural Development. Women learn about new techniques for skill development through education, training and awareness. They take the various ways of awareness, action and equality. This is a good exercise for Rural Development as well as Women's Empowerment.

The main findings of the study are that the education, training, awareness and active participation are the major ways for socio-economic and political empowerment. Women learn more by the participation in SHGs, CDTP and other skill devilment training programmes. They learn how to read and write and how to communicate. Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training programs are very helpful in the way of Women's Empowerment and Sustainable Rural Development.

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Women's empowerment, development and quality of life