Accepted Paper:

Distribution of pork in the Islamic/Jewish-dominant areas: a case study of Palestine and Israel  


Akiko Sugase

Paper short abstract:

Distribution of pork in Palestine and Israel reflects the presence of Arab Christians, the diversity of the Jewish communities and the economic situation directly connected with the politics.

Paper long abstract:

It is very hard to find pork in the markets in the Islamic/Jewish dominant areas because of their famous religious reasons --- eating pork is strictly prohibited in Islam and Judaism. However, it is not so hard to find them in Palestine and Israel in the certain areas such as the Christian inhabited towns. Surrounded by the Muslim and Jewish neighbours, the consumption of pork has not been highly recommended, but the Christians kept breeding and eating for centuries.

But the situation seems to be changed these decades. The pork butcheries are slowly increasing and they are successful. Young Muslims are willing to work there, and they even eat pork. There are some estimated reasons; the mixture of Muslim and Christian cultures, the influences of the Russian immigrants to Israel, the strong intension to meat diet among the Middle East and the situation of Palestinian and Israeli economy directly connected with the politics.

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