Accepted Paper:

Health and hygienic profile of urban and rural communities in Kolkata  


Digvijay Pandey (Ministry of Culture)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper I am trying to highlight about the health and hygienic profile of urban communities.

Paper long abstract:

By tracing its way through people's earlier understanding and perception about health, disease and its determinants the present talk evolves to the level of sharing of glaring vital statistics affecting health of individuals inhabiting developing countries, including India. The role of socio-cultural, behavioural, ethnic, and environmental factors in the context of people's health have been highlighted. The concern regarding substantially higher rates of mortality and morbidity encountered amongst individuals. In this paper I am trying to bring the health and hygienic profile of Muslims and other populations in urban and rural areas in Kolkata metropolitan city in terms hemoglobin count and blood pressure and other diseases. Urban populations have invariably high incidence of hypertension in both populations. Interestingly hypertension is more common in Muslim females than males in both urban and rural areas, but it is other way in case of Muslims invariably have high haemoglobin count in both sexes and locales. The findings have been discussed in relation to their family income, family size, education, migration etc.

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