Accepted Paper:

Corporate women: challenges to the promotion of female managers in a Japanese multinational firm  


Jacqueline Romero (College of William and Mary)

Paper short abstract:

This paper explores the current organizational climate for diversity within a largely male-dominated Japanese multinational firm, with a focus on challenges to the promotion and representation of women in Japanese business.

Paper long abstract:

Gender equality is essential for achieving effective, sustainable, and participatory development, in addition to being a goal in its own right. Among surveyed OECD countries, Japan currently ranks very low for gender equity in business despite ranking near the top in women's education. To address this issue, an opinion survey among managers and employees of a Tokyo-based Japanese food company will be used to quantitatively analyze the increasing presence of female executives in the Japanese workforce and gain a native perspective on the gender gap within the context of their social relations, aspirations, challenges, and strategies for success. In particular, this paper will address challenges to full-time career women such as balancing work-home life, inadequate daycare facilities or child-care support, salary-inequity, lack of promotional opportunities, and other barriers. This research will help identify key variables at play in the present and future conditions for diversity in Japanese business.

Panel P075
Cultural diversity and multiculturalism in enterprise (Commission on Enterprise Anthropology)