Accepted Paper:

New subsistence and cultural construction by New Ogasawara (Bonin) islanders  


Masayuki Yamazaki

Paper short abstract:

This paper aims to describe new subsistence in Ogasawara (Bonin) islands. These subsistence are created by new Ogasawara islanders who settled from mainland Japan since restoration in 1968. New subsistence are interrelated with island society and makes a kind of cultural construction.

Paper long abstract:

With the increase of settlers moving from main land to islands in Japan, there is a cultural construction by the new islanders through subsistence. I have focused on Ogasawara (Bonin) islands for the represent of this phenomenon, because in this region there are more than half of new islanders than old islanders called Kyu-tomin and Kikajin in Ogasawara islands according to one theory. Present day, Ogasawara islands are famous for sightseeing and attract many tourists especially since it was inscribed by UNESCO World Heritage in 2011.

In previous research of Ogasawara islands, there are many papers examined of historical changes of this island, because this areas sovereignty has changed several times. And also, there are large number of papers concerned with ecotourism and the islands society, because in Japan Ogasawara is one of the islands that gives high priority to ecotourism. These papers are mainly focused on how does ecotourism works in the islands, and also relation between the Ogasawara society. But, there is only few papers focused on subsistence in the islands though cultural constructions are seen by the new Ogasawara islanders. For example of new subsistence, there is Glass making, dyeing and pottery making called Munin-yaki. I'm looking forward to show how and why new Ogasawara islanders started these new subsistence, why they settled in this area, and also relation between island society changes.

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Between innovation and tradition: ethnographies of change