Accepted Paper:

The anthropo-therapy: a system of integrative medicines provides better prospects in India and other countries  


Udai Pratap Singh (Lucknow University & Asian Institute of Human Science and Development ,Lucknow.)

Paper short abstract:

Anthropo-therapy is a system of multiple medicines practiced in India and other countries which involves elements of folk, ethnic, complementary and alternative and western medicines in view of providing total healing to the patient.

Paper long abstract:

Today medical plurality is a common feature in Indian communities. Although it has been emerged due to mobility of the knowledge of medicines, but it has been rapidly catalysed due to the impact of scientific advancement and information technology.

Since Western medicine, in spite of having scientific breakthroughs and cutting edge technologies, observes the human body from a mechanistic approach which resulted in medical malfunctions, consequently a realization emerged that our body is not a machine and it is inclined to respond and healed in a way which connect body with brain, mind and soul, outside of partial scientific understanding. This sprouted Anthopo-therapy, an integrative system by employing multiple medicines. It unifies the elements of ethnic, complementary and alternative, and western medicines for healing a person holistically. Such therapy might be viewed in India where folk, ethnic and traditional medical systems cure peoples with the help of western health care facilities. Nearly 80 percent peoples in India accept this form of medicines due to failure of a particular medicinal system. This system may also be noticed in some hospitals of other Asian countries and US too where ethnic and traditional medicines are incorporated with western pharmaceuticals to heal patients.

In conclusion it may be inferred that Anthropo-therapy holds the key today which delivers a truly valuable medical system because no one system of medicine alone provide formula to effectively care for the human species.

Panel P033
Medical anthropology into the future: aspirations and challenges (Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology)